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Sexy Viviana Ortiz on Univision Sexy Viviana Ortiz page 2

Beautiful Sexy Viviana Ortiz from Puerto Rico

Hi Welcome to Viviana Ortiz is a model from Puerto Rico and is on the show Nuestra Belleza Latina every Sunday night until a lady is crowned. Viviana is right now in the top 10 and I believe could very well win this competition. Viviana has a perfect body and personality to take her all the way to the top. Please stay right her for more information and pictures of the beautiful Viviana ortiz.If you have any pictures of Viviana that you would like me to post to her fan website you can contact me at UPDATE: Viviana Ortiz came in 3rd place on Nuestra Belleza Latina but this is just the beginnig for Viviana please stay tune right here for more updates and sexy pictures of Viviana and her acting career!